There are two type of modem:-

  1. USB mobile broadband modem –
  2. Portable Hotspot Wi-Fi Router / MiFi Router –

Our recommendation – Portable Hotspot Wi-Fi Router / MiFi Router


  1. Connection reliability – MiFi / Wi-Fi router has independent processing system and not depended on Client device like Hardstone car player, Laptop or Mobile phone.
  2. Higher availability – If you are using USB modem, internet based application such as browser or YouTube will get slow respond if poor internet connection. This way it will impact Hardstone player, mobile phone or laptop processing speed because of slow respond.
  3. Portability – With Portable router you will able to bring around during travel including in hotel room to share internet with other devices.
  4. Technology Debt limitation – End-Of-Life / End-Of -Support Portable router will not impact client device since it does not required modem software / driver update to be install in client device to make it work.
  5. And many more.


Category: Internet

We have general installation manual and specific for some car models too. Please drop email to with  below details requesting for installation manual:-

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Mobile Number
  3. Your Hardstone player model Number
  4. Your Hardstone player Serial Number
  5. And attached copy purchase evidence (Receipt or Invoice) with the email.

Our support team will get back with installation guide.

Sure, we happy to help. Please email your contact details and current Hardstone player information to


Follow below simple steps:-

  1. Download APK file in to your USB drive. (Make sure USB drive empty before copy APK file)
  2. Connect USB Drive to Hardstone USB port
  3. Open “Apk Installer” application
  4. Click on APK file need to be install and follow the steps define in Screen during installation



Easy Link_Phone Compatible_9 Dec 2017

Boring to look at same graphic layout on your Hardstone player?.

Yes and yes. You can change layout and design of Hardstone Android Player using ‘CAR LAUNCHER’ applications. There are number of “car Launder” application in Google Play-store. You can get latest design!.

Some example available in playstore are:-

1) Car Launcher AGAMA – Click Here

2) Car Launcher Pro – Click Here

3) FCC Car Launcher – Click Here


1) Download the speed test WWW.SPEEDTEST.NET and install it on Hardstone Player
2)Connect Your Mobile Hotspot/wifi and test the speed using the speedtest app.
3) If the download or upload speed is slow , kindly go to the setting>App>Running APP and find the running background apps that have internet/wifi connectivity permissions.
3) Uninstall All the apps that have a permissions to use data and wifi in the background
4) Try the speed test again

Note: Some of the background apps use data connectivity for 24hrs and this may slow the other app such as youtube and etc, so we should test the speed without any added app, use only the system app then test your hardstone player.

There is 3 component for Hotspot work with mobile phone / Tables and
CarPad (Hardstone):-

1) Mobile Telco Data Network / Mobile Broadband – Mobile provide
does provide data network to customer based on speed, data quota
and technology.
a. Speed – it’s based on Telco coverage location, speed limitation
setup (Download & Upload) and coverage congestion in each
Transmit terminal.
b. Data Quota – Each Telco has their owned mobile plan covers
Data limitation quota. Some mobile plan come with 2GB quote /
month follow by limited upload / download capacity.
c. Technology – Mobile coverage in Malaysia come with vibrable
speed capability . Some telco provide LTE, 3G, 2G, EDGE where
each technology come with different speed arrangement. More
details need to check with Telco.

2) Mobile Phone as Hotspot or Portable Hotspot
a. Receiving from Telco Lines (3G/2G/LTE/EDGE) – need to
consider mobile phone specification and channel to support
TX/RX speed. Majority of Dual sim card phone only support HIGH
speed TX/RX for one of the Sim card only. Also, You will get low
speed respond (TX/RX).
b. Normally TX / RX Broadband speed will drop when using
receiving / answering call on the same phone use as Hotspot
c. Connection to Client device via WiFi – This is private tunnel
speed between Hotspot provider (Mobile Hotspot) and Client
(Table / CarPad / another Mobile phone). Upload and download
speed will be same between this devices and speed limitation
(TX/RX) based on technology used:-
 802.11b offered up to 11 megabits per second (Mbps)
 802.11a and 802.11g offer up to 54 Mbps
 802.11n offers up to 300 Mbps
 802.11ac offers up to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps)

3) Client (Table / CarPad / another Mobile phone)
a. Each WiFi client build with owned speed limitation (TX/RX) based
on technology used:-
 802.11b offered up to 11 megabits per second (Mbps)
 802.11a and 802.11g offer up to 54 Mbps
 802.11n offers up to 300 Mbps
 802.11ac offers up to 1Gbps (1000 Mbps)


Mobile Broadband is inconsistence due number of factor. – For more
details you may find in internet or Effects of Public Policy on Fixed and
Mobile Broadband Infrastructure Quality –

Reference article :-
1) Wi-Fi –
2) Broadband Internet –

touch screen study

Installation Guide Nissan Xtrail T32_25012017

Manual – Left to right door sensor fix.pdf

Transfer contact via Bluetooth


MapsWithMe, the extensive offline map, covers almost any country
in the world (be sure to download on beforehand if you don’t want high internet costs abroad). No more fussing with paper maps that
never get folded back into their original position, and which outdate pretty quickly. Rather, download your maps and navigate through Japan zooming and scrolling around at will.

Easy Link_Manual

Category: Easy Link


Safety Precautions

  1. Quick Review

1.1 Power on and power off

1.2 Panel Function Button

1.3 Tips for Using Touch Screen

1.4 Main Screen

1.5 Status bar indicator

1.6 Time and Date Setting

1.7 Text Entering.

  1. Function Operations

2.1 Basic Settings

2.1.1 User Defined Home Screen

2.1.2 Setting Wallpaper

2.1.3 Shortcut

2.1.4 Widget 

2.2 General 

2.2.1 Steering Wheel

2.2.2 Navigation application

2.2.3 Factory settings 

2.3 Navigation  

2.4 Radio 

2.5 Bluetooth Wireless Connection 

2.5.1 Startup Bluetooth application 

2.5.2 Bluetooth pairing

2.5.3 Bluetooth Phone Book

2.5.4 Phone 

2.5.5 Call Record 

2.5.6 Bluetooth Music

2.5.7 Bluetooth settings

2.6  3G Application  

2.6.1 Allow data roaming

2.6.2 Set the access point information

2.7  WLAN

2.8 Multimedia

2.8.1 Equalizer

2.8.2 Audio Play

2.8.3 Video Playing

2.8.4 Picture Browse 

2.8.5 Digital TV/ Analog TV(optional)

2.8.6 IPOD (optional)

2.8.7 DVR (optional)

2.9 AUX IN Function

2.10 Rear View

2.11 E-mail

2.12 Easy link

  1. 3. Firmware Upgrading
  2. Specification
  3. Trouble shooting
  4. Diagram and wire connection
  5. Accessory list


Notice: Certain descriptions in the user manual may differ from the actual unit. Some pictures or icons in the book may differ from actual display. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Safety Precautions


1) Watching TV or other visual entertainment programs while driving is prohibited in some states and countries. For personal safety and the safety of others, please do not watch or operate the product while driving. Check local law enforcement agencies for usage regulations.

2) The monitor is designed for use in 12V negative ground system; please do not install the unit directly on a 24V bus and truck. Attempt to do so can cause damage to the unit.

3) Install only to conform to Local, State and Federal motor vehicle laws.

4) Do not disassemble or alter the unit in any way. .Any attempt to do so can cause damage to the unit and invalidate the warranty.

5) Never clean the surface of the screen with a chemical solvent or corrosive detergent, as they may cause permanent damage to the TFT LCD screen. Use only a micro-fiber cloth and cleaner designed specifically for LCD panels.

6) Avoid installing the unit where it is in direct sunlight or near a heater vent. Please note that the normal working temperature of the unit is between 0℃ to 45℃. If the internal temperature of the vehicle is extremely high, a short cool down period is necessary before operating the unit.

7) In extremely cold conditions, allow the interior of the vehicle to warm to a comfortable temperature before turning on the monitor.

8) In extremely cold temperature, the movement of the picture may be slow and the picture may be dark. It is not a malfunction. The unit will work normally once it reaches its operating temperature.

9) Easylink might not compatible with all android mobile phone, please refer to your supplier for details.

10) Due to different car specifications, please kindly ensure that the display is suitably located and non-obstructive to the driver’s needs in any way.

11) Use only the supplied screws and hardware for mounting.

12) Kindly refer to a local authorized dealer if any questions arise.

13) Do not RESET to factory mode, any service issue please refer to your dealer or supplier.



Defects caused by abnormal use are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.




  1. Quick Review

Warning: Before using this device, please read the safety and law information of the manual.

1.1 Power on and power off

Power On : When you plug in the car keys, switch on ACC START or the car’s ACC power, the device will be automatically powered on, displaying the start LOGO flash.

Power Off: When you take off the key, switch to ACC OFF, or turn off the car’s ACC power, the device will automatically be shut down.

1.2 Panel Function Button

power on/off the unit.           Click to enter into main interface.

Click to back to the last interface      built-in microphone window

click the button, volume will increase click the button, volume will decrease


1.3 Tips for Using Touch Screen

Pressing Function You could press the current user interface, icon, and inputting column to get more function operation. For example, press in the blank area of the main interface, then there comes a pop-up menu, you could perform more functions.

Dragging Function on the menu.

Drag the touch screen or press the scroll bar for up and down operation. For example, browse the contact list of the Bluetooth phones by dragging function.

Zooming Function

When browsing the web, click the screen twice, then you could zoom in or out the page content. Or you could press the screen with two fingers by control the sliding distance between the fingers to zoom in or out the page content.

1.4 Main Screen


You can operate the touch screen to use all the functions after booting.

In any interface, press to return to the main screen interface.

Press to enter Application menu   navigation     Music


floating button (click and slide for shortcut of settings/screenshot/black screen/Home/ Apps/Common/Brightness/Vol)

1.5 Status bar indicator

Tap the left top of the screen, there will appear notifications for notice, device status indicator such as network signal, WIFI signal, Bright, Restart, Time and so on.

 Running APP   power off return home TFT off/black screen

1.6 Time and Date Setting

Automatically update: This device has the function to automatically calibrate the current time on the condition that the GPS is active. When connected with 3G dongle, the device will also update time zone in accordance with your SIM card.                     

Manual update: You could also manually set the date, time zone and format.

Applications> Settings > Date and Time


1.7 Text Entering

When editing text, you could use existing input keyboard to edit words, numbers, and symbols for  editing message, searching key words etc. You may also download other 3rd-party Android input keyboard APK for inputting text.

  1. Function Operations

2.1 Basic Settings

2.1.1 User Defined Home Screen

There are 5 main screens of this device, sliding left or right to switch. In any interface, you just need to click the HOME to back to main screen. You could add shortcut, widget and file in the blank area of the main screen on the condition that there is enough room for placing.

2.1.2 Setting Wallpaper

Click the blank area of main screen> Wallpaper > Wallpaper or Pictures Bank

Choose your favorite wallpaper photo and click to set as wallpaper.


2.1.3 Shortcut Add Shortcut

In the main menu interface, customer can DIY their favorite shortcut icons by dragging the app icon to the main menu as them like. Delete shortcut

If there is not enough space to add more shortcut, you can delete some of the shortcuts you don’t need. Please long press the icon and drag the icon to the place indicated by arrow then we can delete this icon.



2.1.4 Widget 

In application interface, slide to the right page> Widget

Long press and then drag the chosen widget to add it in main menu.



2.2 General 

2.2.1 Steering Wheel (only models without canbus need to set SWC manually)

  1. Click “all” to start setting
  2. Click the buttons as you want.
  3. Click the corresponding button on the wheel, if studied successful, there will be a change of color on the main screen.
  4. Repeat step 1 and 2 till you complete all the buttons’ setting on the steering wheel.
  5. Click “\/ ” to ensure that the steering wheel setting is completed.

2.2.2 Navigation application

Set—Common—Navi App—choose map APK, eg. If we choose “HERE maps”,then when you click Navi in the main menu, HERE map will work automatically.

2.2.3 Factory settings:                                                               Please click “Set” in main menu to enter into factory settings.


1.Keypad: touch screen sound. If customer do not want keypad sound, then can click off this function.  2. Loud: amplifier sound output. If click on, the subwoofer function will work.

3.Amp Switch: switch on amplifier or turn on amplifier

  1. Equalizer: click to enter into EQ setting menu. Customer can DIY their favorite music style.

Common: Click for car related settings.

Anykey Boot: Click on this function, unit can be power on by press any button.

Handbrake: Click on to watch TV or video.

Auto Navi: Click on the unit will enter Navigation automatically

Default boot volume: Customer can adjust the boot volume by themselves

Steer setting: click to enter steering wheel control menu.

Map date copy: customer can click and copy map files directly.

Driver position :If drivers on right or the door shows in opposite position, please change driver postion.

Factory: Please refer to your dealer/supplier for guidance.

GPS: Turn on Synchronous for GPS position & time update


2.3 Navigation

Notice: Map must be 1024*800 resolution

2.3.1 Map from SD card

Customer can copy map files with folder name into unit self storage by USB .

  1. Application—file manager—USB—and find map software copy
  2. Click on “IGO-HD Android” , then choose Copy.
  3. Enter Self_device folder, click paste.
  4. Click “iGO_NF.apk” and complete this APK installation.
  5. Choose “navi path” in “Set” as “IGO”,then IGO map will work.

2.3.2 Map from google playstore.

Customer can also download map APK from google playstore by themselves and install map apk with same steps as 2.3.1.

2.4 Radio 

   2.4.1 Drag the bottom setting bar to enter into next page for setting and RDS functions(optional).

   2.4.2 Click below red circled button for adding station name or delete station name.


2.4.3  radio related button functions.

Band: Click BAND to switch between mode FM1/FM2/FM3/AM1/AM2.

   ST: Stereo   

  • : Scan stations
  • LOC: switch between locate and DX
  • :Radio Settings

TA: Traffic announcement  

AF: Alternative Frequency  

PTY: Program TYPE

2.5 Bluetooth

2.5.1. Startup Bluetooth application

Click Bluetooth icon to enter Bluetooth menu

2.5.2.BT pairing: Please click “Link” for B T connection

Step1: Click  to search for mobile phone, or customer can search BT from cellphone

Step2: choose the pairing device, and click to connect.

 click to disconnect BT connection.

 click to clear all connection history



click to accept phone call

click to end phone call

 delete input phone number

disconnect BT connection

 connect BT

 switch the speakers to unit or cellphone


  2.5.2.BT phone book

Click  to download phonebook

Click to save contacts to unit

Click to delete contacts

Customer can search contacts via alphabet.

Customer may also add contacts directly by input name and phone number.

2.5.3 BT history

Customer can find call in/ call out/ missed call history here, and he call also delete phone call history

2.5.4  BT Music

previous Pausestop next


2.5.5 BT set

Customer can set BT device name and password in this menu.

 click on to receive phone call automatically.

If choose 10 sec, then the phone call will be automatically picked up after ringing for 10 sec.

BT reset: if the BT is not working properly, customer may try to reset the BT function.

2.6  3G Application

2.6.1 Please refer to your supplier for 3G modem compatible list.

2.6.2 If the 3G modem is compatible with unit, then 3G network will work automatically.    

2.7  WLAN: Click Setting in menu to enter Wifi setting

2.7.1 Turn on WI-FI in setting

2.7.2Click  to search for wifi signal.

2.7.3 choose the internet and enter password.


2.8 Multimedia

The unit support 3 way USB function, customer can play Video, music by USB.

2.8.1 Equalizer

Equalizer settings interface is divided into two functions: namely, equalizer and sound field settings function.

① In the equalizer settings interface provides 7 kinds of audio playback mode choose:


②The user can choose speaker postion on the front left, front ,right, left, right after the four angularly audio settings, as shown below:

If Customer need to further adjust system volume, please refer to your supplier for Volume setting in factory setting mode.(kindly refer to your supplier for password)


  2.8.1 Music

Customer can choose from different albums/ folders/ artist to find their favorite songs quickly.



click to enter EQ setting menu.

 click for property of the playing song.


2.8.2 Video

Customer can choose video from different USB folder


2.9 DVR

Please connect USB head DVR to our device, then click DVR in main menu and you will enter below interface for DVR operation and settings. Kindly refer to your supplier for compatible issue.

   2.9.1 Settings: Enter setting and choose path for DVR videos before recording.


Choose USB for storage DVR recording videos

   2.9.2  Recording: click for entering recording menu.

Click REC for start recording.

2.9.3 Click for play back the video

2.10  Easy link

click Easylink to enter easylink menu and connect USB cable.

 2.10.1 Android phone: support by cable connection as well as wifi connection.

Notice: Please connect Android phone via USB cable for the first time.

  1. Android USB connection
  2. click Android USB.
  3. Enter developer’s option, turn on USB debugging in your cellphone
  4. Please also turn on BT for sound transfer.
  5. Android USB connection
  6. Click Android Wifi, then below notice will show up.
  7. Turn on cellphone hotspot
  8. Connect unit wifi to your cellphone hotspot
  9. Install MOB interconnection service if need.


  2.10.2 Iphone: support WIFI connection

  1. Connect unit wifi to IPHONE hotspot
  2. Click easylink, then airplay notice will show up in IPHONE
  3. Turn on Airplay in cellphone.
  4. Click EC-Mirror, and click on Mirror.


  2.10.3 Please refer to your supplier for cellphone compatible and software upgrade issue


  1. 3. Firmware Upgrading
step1: pls uncompress the upgrading file, and copy root files into USB directly.    
step2: connect USB to unit; then reset the unit or disconenct power cable  
Step3: after reset or reconnect power cable, the unit will read USB files automatically
step4: pls wait around 8 minutes for upgrading
step5:“Finish Upgrade,Please Remove the SD card and USB then reset” when this menu appears then upgrading finished. Pls take off USB
step6: Reset unit        

Remark: please refer to your local dealers for upgrading.


Technical Parameters:

Dual core series
CPU Cortex A9 Dual core, Mstar786 *2
MPU 1 G , dual core
Mirror link easy link 4.0 two way control
VIDEO RMVB,MKV,MOV,WMV,AVI,MPG,TS with 1080P H.264 format etc.
GPS Support GPS and Golonas
OS Android 4.1/4.4
working Temperature -20°C TO +70°C
OS update USB update
APP update USB update
Logo update USB update
Navigation software IGO, navitel,  Sygic, navitel etc
Screen Resolution SUPPORT HD TFT (1024*600)
Screen Size 7inch/8inch/9inch/10.1/10.2 inch
Radio ST brand
Wifi built in
 GPRS External (optional)3G dongle
TV(analog , digital TV) support DVB-T2, ISDB T , DMB, Analog TV
TPMS external (optional)
DVR touch control ( optional)
Bluetooth A2DP and Bluetooth phone book search
Steering Wheel control Yes
Rear view camera yes
Power on 16S~20S, high speed turn on system
working voltage DC12V
Operate volt range 10.8V ~16V
Max current 10A
iPod Control optional
Ill control Yes
Anti shock Mechanical anti-shock & Electronic anti-shock
Screen Size 7inch/8inch/9inch/10.1/10.2 inch
Touch Screen Capacitor- touch screen(multi point touch)
OSD Language Multi language
Station Preset Qty. 18 FM, 12AM
Support RDS Yes
Radio response bandwidth AM: 522~1620 KHz, FM: 65~108 MHz
Specification Working Voltage DC 12V
Power Supply 9.8V ~ 16V
Max Current 15A
output power 4×45W
S/N Radio 70dB
FM Frequency Range 87.5MHz ~ 108.0MHz
Limit noise sensitivity S/N (-30dB) 10dB
S/N Radio(-50dB) 60dB
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz
AM Frequency Range 520KHz ~ 1620KHz
Limit noise sensitivity (SN = 20dB) 20dB
S/N Radio (-50dB) 60dB
Frequency Response 50Hz ~ 2KHz
Multimedia Compatible Forma /MP3/MP4/WMA/JPEG/MPG/AVI
S/N Radio 85dB
Dynamic Scope 95dB
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz(±3dB)
Digital Audio 24bit
TV  resolution 1024×600
Output format 16:09
TV system NTSC/PAL automatic identification
Output 1Vpp(75Ω)
Input 1Vpp(75Ω)
Environment temperature Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃
Working Humidity 45% ~ 80%
Storage Humidity 30% ~ 90%


  1. 5. Trouble shooting
Problems Solution
No power Replace correct fuse (15A)
Tune voltage
Press the Reset key to reset the system
System Crash down use a pin to reset the unit
No sound but image reconnect power plug
Touch screen not working adjust to the correct angle during installation
Unable connect
to the network
① check if wifi turn on                                                                              ②check if WIFI antenna in correct postion
Radio can’t
research channels
to check the radio antenna whether connected and have
signal before use it.
Can’t install applications. ① Verify that the install application suffix is named “APK”
② Enter into Setting to select unknown sources
When the
Bluetooth paired
sometimes will be
connect failed
① Some cellphones with Android system may occur this problem at the first connection. Please just find the paired device in matching list and then connect them once more.                                  ② The unsuccessful connection is compatibility issues between cell phone and Bluetooth. If this occurs, please check the options in pair list of your cell phone. And you will find that the setting of Bluetooth Media and Mobile Media has been turned off. Turn on them and the connection will be successful.
easylink can not be connected ①please turn on USB debugging                                                               ②cellphone not in compatible list or easylink APP has been upgraded.


  1. Diagram and wire connection
  2. Accessory list
1. Head unit                                                1pc
2. Power cable                                             1pc
3. USB CABLE                                            1pc
4. AV  IN cable                                           1pc
5. AV out cable                                       1pc
6. GPS Antenna                                 1pc
7. IPod cable(optional)                             1pc
8. canbus cable (optional)                       1pc
9. Microphone cable (optional)                          1pc
10. ACC cable (depends on model)                  1pc
11. TV power cable(optional )                       1pc
12.DVR (optional) 1pc


There are 3 method of getting your Hardstone player OS upgrade:-

  1.  Notification alert display on your Hardstone player for OS and critical upgrade – Click “Continue’ and follow step provided to complete the updates
  2. Email notification for existing Hardstone customer – Follow the steps provided on email.
  3. Drop email to with complete details (Copy of Purchase Invoice, Serial Number, Your name and mobile number) and required for OS updates check.


Some of Hardstone models long interval before getting OS updated. There are number of factors to consider for upgrade release:-

  1. Availability of OS version for deployment including completion of production testing.
  2. Limitation of Car manufacturer component functions that interface with Hardstone player. Such as special camera interfaces, aircond controller interface and ADAS interfaces.
  3. Your Hardstone hardware platform manufacturer has limitation to support higher or some version of OS

Hope this help!

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