Upgrade OS Versions?

There are 3 method of getting your Hardstone player OS upgrade:-

  1.  Notification alert display on your Hardstone player for OS and critical upgrade – Click “Continue’ and follow step provided to complete the updates
  2. Email notification for existing Hardstone customer – Follow the steps provided on email.
  3. Drop email to support@hardstone.com.my with complete details (Copy of Purchase Invoice, Serial Number, Your name and mobile number) and required for OS updates check.


Some of Hardstone models long interval before getting OS updated. There are number of factors to consider for upgrade release:-

  1. Availability of OS version for deployment including completion of production testing.
  2. Limitation of Car manufacturer component functions that interface with Hardstone player. Such as special camera interfaces, aircond controller interface and ADAS interfaces.
  3. Your Hardstone hardware platform manufacturer has limitation to support higher or some version of OS

Hope this help!