USB modem vs Portable Hotspot Router for Internet connection?

There are two type of modem:-

  1. USB mobile broadband modem – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_broadband_modem
  2. Portable Hotspot Wi-Fi Router / MiFi Router –

Our recommendation – Portable Hotspot Wi-Fi Router / MiFi Router


  1. Connection reliability – MiFi / Wi-Fi router has independent processing system and not depended on Client device like Hardstone car player, Laptop or Mobile phone.
  2. Higher availability – If you are using USB modem, internet based application such as browser or YouTube will get slow respond if poor internet connection. This way it will impact Hardstone player, mobile phone or laptop processing speed because of slow respond.
  3. Portability – With Portable router you will able to bring around during travel including in hotel room to share internet with other devices.
  4. Technology Debt limitation – End-Of-Life / End-Of -Support Portable router will not impact client device since it does not required modem software / driver update to be install in client device to make it work.
  5. And many more.


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